17.05.2018 Светкавично отмъкване

Светкавично отмъкване

Светкавично отмъкване е шеметна игра, в която трябва да реагирате светкавично на летящите около вас плодове! В нея се опитвате да бъдете първият, извикал правилната бройка плодове между две карти от тестето.

Players in Fast Flip need to react quickly to the fruit flying past them.

To set up, players shuffle a deck of cards, with each card showing five types of fruit and with each type of fruit appearing 1-5 times on the card; the back of each card shows either a type of fruit or a number from 1-5.

On a turn, someone flips over a card to reveal the fruit/number on the back of the top card as well as the front of a new card. If a fruit is revealed, whoever first yells out how many of that fruit are on the revealed card claims the flipped card. If a number, players compete to yell out whichever fruit appears that number of times. Once you flip through the entire deck, whoever has collected the most cards wins.

Alternatively, you can play with five fruit tokens and five number tokens. When you yell out an answer correctly, you claim the token that shows that answer, whether from the center of the table or from another player. Whoever first has five tokens in front of them wins.

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